"I think I'm old and I'm feeling pain" you said 
"and it's all running out like it's the end of the world" you said
"and it's so cold it's like the cold if you were dead"  ... and then you smiled for a second. 

plainsong, the cure )

on . tim e.

• Identidades | collective exhibition | Arenas | 2013 october | Barcelona

Para Leni, Silvi, Juan y Concha.
Por seguir conmigo, a su manera.

My father, born in Barcelona, did his military service in Seville in the 60's. When he had some free days used to go to the beach, to a neighbouring town, Huelva. There, one day of august, met my mother, fell in love and married soon.

I started this project with an idea, that apparently at the end seemed not to be very clear enough.
Probably it's been the only case in which I let the photographs decide by themselves.

I shot very intuitively, pushed by the need of showing how I saw the world after an unexpected disappointment. 

Suddenly everything seemed to me too complicated.

Musical Chairs is a game for a group of people, and it involves eliminating a player in each round.
In order to play the game, the number of players must be counted.
Chairs are gathered – one less than the total number of people playing – and set up either in a circle or in lines.
There is no definitive way to set up the chairs, and people can get quite creative with their setups.