On the other side of the river bank to El Rompido, is the Real de la Almadraba on the atlantic coast which opened in 1929. It was an enclosure designed to accommodate the 200 people who’s job it was to fish the tuna between February and September becoming, for 33 seasons, the most productive enclave of the Huelva coast with the capture of some 7,600 tuna per year.

" God is in details " (Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe)
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As a guest, I have always liked weddings; a 'crazy' day to share disinhibition with the couple and relatives.
As a photographer, it is no less fun to help in logistics, to make this day something unique.


Como invitado, siempre me han gustado las bodas; un día 'loco' en que compartías desinhibición con novios y familiares.
Como fotógrafo, no es menos divertido ayudar en la logística, a hacer de ese día algo único.