As a guest, I have always liked weddings; a 'crazy' day to share disinhibition with the couple and relatives.
As a photographer, it is no less fun to help in logistics, to make this day something unique.


Como invitado, siempre me han gustado las bodas; un día 'loco' en que compartías desinhibición con novios y familiares.
Como fotógrafo, no es menos divertido ayudar en la logística, a hacer de ese día algo único. 


The project aims to reflect the unexpected uses at any given time in a space designed for one particular purpose.

In a museum environment, associated with contemplation, silence, leisure and culture, violence suddenly erupts in a disturbingly normal tone. This reflects the fragile society we live in, and the risks involved of not being able to control the behavior of others; often as a result of the mood or mental health state they are in.

I started this project with an idea, that apparently at the end seemed not to be very clear enough.
Probably it's been the only case in which I let the photographs decide by themselves.

I shot very intuitively, pushed by the need of showing how I saw the world after an unexpected disappointment. 

Suddenly everything seemed to me too complicated.