I'm not used to pick up the camera without first knowing what I want to say.

• Identidades | collective exhibition | Arenas | 2013 october | Barcelona

Para Leni, Silvi, Juan y Concha.
Por seguir conmigo, a su manera.

My father, born in Barcelona, did his military service in Seville in the 60's. When he had some free days used to go to the beach, to a neighbouring town, Huelva. There, one day of august, met my mother, fell in love and married soon.

Besides showing the pictures, I could recreate with this work the dark room where morir happens.
This intervention shows the origin and the spirit of the project.

15 05 19 | Barcelona Photobloggers

15 05 13 | Arte a un Click

I wanted to work about happiness, not only as an ethereal concept, but also physical; vulnerable. As a person you know or may have known.
I asked four women to meet and talk, finally asking them separately to answer the same three questions.

1- Do you know her?
2- When was the last time you met her?
3- Describe her with a few adjectives. Virtues and defaults.