published on DER GREIF Magazine | Guest Room - Curator: Lesley A. Martin | 2016 january 21

The violence of breaking logic. 
Visual discontinuity can become an attack, anxious when the cause is unknown, so we tend to look for solutions to any problem, even the non-sense.

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The moon, in combination with the sun, exerts a force on the earth, causing the tides. The water comes and goes, and studying of the moon phases make it possible to calculate the water level at anytime and anywhere on the planet, as well as the ideal time for fishing.

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If these walls could talk.

I wanted to work about happiness, not only as an ethereal concept, but also physical; vulnerable. As a person you know or may have known.
I asked four women to meet and talk, finally asking them separately to answer the same three questions.

1- Do you know her?
2- When was the last time you met her?
3- Describe her with a few adjectives. Virtues and defaults.